The History of Bonito Boats

Originating in New Zealand in the early 1970's, the Bonito hull was designed by Frank Pellan to cross the choppy bays and open waters to get from island to island. At 4.8 metres long, the MK3 soon proved to be an extremely capable little hull with hundreds of boats made.

The hull mould came to Australia in the 90's, and again proved its worth, mainly with the commercial fishermen in South East Queensland, whose

demands of a small working boat soon put it to the test. After being purchased by Roger Barnes, the original mould was extended to 5 metres with the addition of a half pod. This improved what was already a great performing hull.

In 2013, Martin Slennett joined Roger and the Bonito 560 was created. New deck mouldings, cast platforms and an huge array of optional extras were developed.

The Bonito 500 was also re-tooled to bring it in line with the new standard. A constant development program has been in place ever since to keep Bonito Boats on the leading edge.